In 1968 the City of Lubbock Planning Department and the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, under the supervision of the Department of Defense, devised the Lubbock County Community Fallout Shelter Plan. Like much of the press, magazines, radio, and television of thetime, the language of the document urged American citizens to be vigilant and prepared for attack at any time. The plan was eventually abandoned leaving behind traces of its paranoia - underneath the Wells Fargo Building one of the largest fallout sheltersin Texas was built, closed, and eventually forgotten.
Tunnels still exist beneath the Texas Tech University Campus...
In 1970 the Lubbock tornado left its mark on the town, another catastrophe this time in the form of environmental chaos. Lubbock, unable toshed its past, remains a town filled with mysterious traces of anxieties embedded in architectural language. Blank logistical facades reveal little of what occurs inside, and suburban fronts do not divulge their inner fears. PARTY IN THE BUNKER considers boththe paranoia and fantasy of the bunker space, exploring historical reality and urban legend. Animations by students from Texas Tech University COA are accompanied by footage of Lubbock taken during times of COVID-19 quarantine using a camera system and mobilepower source aboard the Great Social-Distancing Filming Vehicle.